About Us

Why Choose Soft Water Techs?

Soft Water Techs of Palm Beach is the Premier Authorized Hague Dealer for Palm Beach County.  We Offer professional, sales, service and installation of water treatment systems in all areas of Palm Beach County, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We sell only the best water softeners made right here in the USA and provide both residential and commercial water treatment systems.

We offer multiple purchase and lease options for water filtration systems as well as extended water softener service programs to fit each individuals needs, based on location and use. Consumers will purchase not from a big-box retailer, but from a professional water treatment company that specializes in water treatment and has for over 40 years combined in water treatment.


Why are we a Water Treatment industry leader?

The answer to that question is in a million details….and we sweat every one of them. Every technician, every member of management and every employee is totally dedicated to this principle. We sell Hague Quality Products, a name that sets us apart with patented technology that no one else has, but that leaves all other systems in the stone ages.

This is just a snippet of why Soft Water Techs of Palm Beach is an unchallenged bench-mark for quality, experience and rock-steady professionalism, in our industry.

Company Mission

The dedication to fulfill our customer’s needs and wants has always been imperative to the way we operate and we adapt our services in order to achieve this.

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