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Your #1 water softener supplier in Palm Beach

What we do

Water treatment from an industry leader

We work to provide the best quality of water for our customers in their homes, offices, restaurants, and other commercial spaces in Palm Beach County with the best line of water softeners, and water filtration systems in the industry…

Corporate Responsibility

Social responsibility and commitment

We’re committed to making our efforts, large and small, beneficial for everyone in every community we serve. We believe in supporting the health of our communities, the health of the environment, and we come to work every day dedicated to doing great work that reflects these values.


Why Choose Soft Water Techs?

Soft Water Techs of Palm Beach is the Premier Authorized Hague Dealer for Palm Beach County. We offer professional, sales, service and installation of water treatment systems in all areas of Palm Beach County, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We sell only the best water softeners made right here in the USA and provide both residential and commercial water treatment systems.

We offer multiple purchases and lease options for water filtration systems as well as extended water softener service programs to fit each individual’s needs, based on location and use. Consumers will purchase not from a big-box retailer, but from a professional water treatment company that specializes in water treatment and has for over 40 years combined in water treatment.

Why are we a Water Treatment industry leader?

The answer to that question is in a million details….and we sweat every one of them. Every technician, every member of management and every employee is totally dedicated to this principle. We sell Hague Quality Products, a name that sets us apart with patented technology that no one else has, but that leaves all other systems in the stone ages.

We could have been a dealer for any brand but we choose Hague because of their value of quality, they are American-made with the best warranty in the industry.

This is just a snippet of why Soft Water Techs of Palm Beach is an unchallenged bench-mark for quality. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an authorized Hague Dealer?

Yes. Not only are we an authorized Hague dealer but all of our Technicians and sales team are certified by Hague Water International.

How long have you been in business?

Soft Water Techs of Palm Beach have been in business since March 2018, But don’t let that short time fool you, we have been in the industry for over 8 years, and have a combine water treatment experience of over 30 years.

What is the best water softener company?

Hague Water Systems by far is the industry leader. They offer the best warranty in the industry, with the best technology and patents that leave the competition in the stone ages. With their patented Media tink configuration

How long should water softener last?

Hague Water Systems by far is the industry leader in warranty on water softeners, the WaterMax has a warranty of 25-years, the Maximizer has a 15-years warranty while the Hyroclean HC# carry a 10-years warranty.

What happens if I stop putting salt in water softener?

When there’s no salt left by any stretch of the imagination, your System will still regenerate, but because of the absence of salt, the ion exchange will not take place due to the media being exhausted. After the entire bed is completely exhausted your water will return to the original form as if you did not have a softener in the first place. Do not allow your system to run without salt too long though because this can cause your media to foul over time, running into costly media replacement called a rebed or even a new system.