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Here at Soft Water Techs of Palm Beach, we offer water treatment services to the Palm Beach County area.

We provide superior residential water conditioning services. Water softeners are essential to maintaining your commercial or residential plumbing systems. Hard water can damage your plumbing and septic systems and cause expensive and large problems.

That’s why we partnered with Hague Water International to bring you only the best water treatment equipment within the industry, with our Patented Technology we leave the competition in the stone age.

We offer maintenance, installations. repairs & replacements. Call us today and schedule your next appointment at 561-288-1349.

Why are Home Water Treatment Systems Important?

Home water treatment systems are very important because it ensures that you’re drinking and using clean water but, Hague takes it a few steps further, because of our patented compartmentalized units, we offer a higher and the purest water which means a healthier you and your family and better-tasting water.

Contaminated water is bad for our health, it can be just as unhealthy to bathe and shower in it. Let’s not talk about the plumbing in the home, hard water contains dissolved compounds of Calcium and magnesium, as well as other elements such as iron which is typical in most homes, it causes damage to pipes, discomfort, and extra expenses.

We want the water we use every day to quench our thirst and make us feel clean and fresh but, when our water is foul-smelling or bad tasting the satisfaction we get from our water is gone.

Today with ailments on the rise and medication use at an all-time high, we never think about where our water comes from, and we just hope and pray that whoever is at the helm at the water plant is on their A-game every day. But sadly, our water plants are not prepared for the new medications that are released every day. This is why taking control of your water at your home is not only a smart choice but very important for the well being of the family living within the home. So why are home water treatment systems important? Because with a Hague water treatment system you can rest assured you have the right solution.

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Types of Home Water Treatment Systems

There are many types of home water treatment systems but we can generally divide them into three categories: Water softeners which fall under Filtration are used for working water, such as bathing, washing and appliances and other single filters which can be anything from a simple carbon, sediment or any other filter we can use depending on your situation. A Reverse Osmosis or other types of single-use or point of use application see next —>>>

Water Filtration

Water softeners that fall under Filtration are used for working water, such as bathing, washing and appliances and other single filters.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis which we typically use for life support water, such as drinking and cooking

Ultraviolet (UV)

lastly ultraviolet (UV) water purification and disinfection, which is used mainly for Bacteria and other microorganisms.

Water Softener Installation

We understand that hard water can be very damaging. Water softeners can be expensive, but worth it in the long run as hard water damage can be quite costly. With over 30 years of combined experience, our team can recommend the best water softener for water usage.

Not only would we recommend the best water treatment systems for your application but one of our factory certified technicians will also professionally install the unit to factory specification to ensure the maximum efficiency. In addition to selling and the installation of Hague products, we install box store or online products. Our goal is to see that everyone has at minimum good quality water.

What is the Best Home Water Treatment System?

We believe the best water treatment system should do as much as humanly possible in one system. With that said, we believe only a Hague can live up to the name of the best water treatment system on the market.

Because of the 3 compartments, we use 5 media in our city application, and offer the longest standing warranty in the industry of 25 years, as opposed to the traditional systems that use 2 media to process your water, and offer a max of 12 to 15 years of warranty. In our humble opinion, Hague is the best hands down.

We’re a proud dealer of Hague Water products in Palm Beach, Florida.

We Stock Only the Best Water Treatment Systems

Areas We Cover 

We provide Hague Water treatment sales, services, and installations to the following areas:

West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Greenacres, Lantana, Palm Springs, Juno Beach, Belle Glade, Tequesta, Lake Park, Highland Beach, Manalapan, South Palm Beach, Palm Beach Shores, Ocean Ridge, Pahokee, Hypoluxo, Gulf Stream Jupiter Inlet Colony, Loxahatchee Groves, Atlantis, South Bay, Lake Clarke Shores, Haverhill, Mangonia Park, Briny Breezes, Kings Point, Canal Point, Glen Ridge, Golf, Cloud Lake, Lake Harbor, Schall Circle, Royal Palm Estates, Limestone Creek, Lake Belvedere Estates, Juno Ridge, Stacey Street, Westgate-Belvedere Homes, Dunes Road, and Aberdeen.

In Addition, We service units in Broward and Port St Lucie Counties.


We Provide Free Water Testing to Residence of Palm Beach

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