28 Nov. 16

Flush a Water Heater

Hot water heater Flushing Service

Hot water heater flushWhen bad water is a problem in the home or business, it is very important to flush your hot water tank at minimum twice a year, if you do not have bad water then once a year is fine.

We offer water heater flushing services for those with a water treatment issue. This service can run between $125 – $250 depends on the complexity, and time it takes.

Now NOTE: Flushing is not always recommended, for example, if your water softener is over 5-7 years old and has never been flushed, then I won’t recommend it. Because, if your water heater has been collecting sediment for years, and you suddenly drain it: the water heater can spring a leak, “What happens then is water displacement”. The sandy (particles) that collect on the bottom of the tank displace the water ever so slightly. This results in hot spots on the bottom of the tank. When this occurs the flames overheat the tank and begin to break down the steel. After many years this breakdown ends up becoming a tiny hole that is filled with this debris, oftentimes preventing the leak.