Palm Beach Florida #54

Project Description

For this project, our task was to complete a service call on a few pieces of equipment, during our inspection we found from the carbon to the water softener into the home was filled with algae growth, we showed the customer, and made some recommendation, gave prices. The customer elected to replace the unit with our Hague Water Max. So we had the task of removing their old system and installing a new one.

The Challenge in this Installation was customer needed a quick turn around time.

We were called late that night and ofcourse we did not get the message until the following morning, that they would love to go with our system, however it had to be installed because they were leaving to go out of town and the home was going to be put on the market for sale, So, they will not be returning. With that said, we jumped into action, luckily we had units in stock, got right out there on a very tight schedule and was able to accomplish the goal, had it up and working within a few hours.

“I can’t believe you guys got this done in such a short order, I was worried because I wanted to make sure everything was up and running before I left. You guys are the best.”

Lisa Mollett, Client

The Final Taste of Water

Finally we got the lines connected, system flushed, and time for a water test.

In closing, some installs are very easy and straight forward, while some can be a pain in the you know where, this is what we do and love.

We hope you enjoyed a snippet of what it may take to get your system installed.

Main Meter
Locate POE line
Trench the lines
System Installed
Completed install

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