Service Call

Fleck 5600 rebuild and rebed.
Green sand filter front view
Rear View
Unit leaking water on one side
Bypass view

Project Description

This Service call turn major overhaul, so this unit has been leaking for atleast a year, and the customer had no idea, we were called out and this is what we found. Get this though we were called out to perform a service call because of lack of pressure in the home. We arrived checked both pieces of equipment and found both units needed to be service. As you can see these units are in very bad shape, after consulting with the client, they opted to get both units rebuilt, which was possible.

The Challenge in Maintenance of Filter

Resin typically last around 3 to 5 years depending on the quality of water and the amounts of chlorine present during the usage, so its very important to complete preventative maintenance on the equipment, results could be, fouled resin, channeling inside of the tank, and again depending on the quality of water unit may need to be rebuilt often, in the care of high chlorine, high iron or lots of sulfur. (Rotten egg smell)

Unfortunately, this is the case for both of these units, We rebuilt the both valves, Sanitize both tanks and completed a rebed on the softener.

My Tech was very professional and very knowledgeable about both my units, I was completely impressed.

Gwen Davis, Client

The Final Test.

This customer was so appreciative and supportive, it was my pleasure to serve and go the distance. We were able to complete the job, test the water and made sure everything was operating in like new condition. Another, successful job, with another happy client.