Water Softener Installation

Project Description

For this project, our task was to install a water softener on the east side of this home, the problem was, The pressure valve was right at the end, so we could not install there, on the east side of the house were huge trees whose roots had started to grow toward the house. And the Electric meter for the home was too close to the purposed install area, So if we were going to install this system in this area, we had to go almost 20 feet away from P.O.E…

The Challenge in Installation of Filter

The Roots from the tree had grown so close to the home that it took nearly 5 hours to dig a 18 foot trance, our challenge was to dig away from the electrical and all of the other utility lines that was in the way. As you can see from the pictures, lines were everywhere, this means it had to be done with hands, in order not to nip any of the pipes.

“I had no clue it take so much work to install a water softener, I am sure glad I called you guys.”

James Vega, Client

The Final Taste of Water

Finally we got the lines connected, system flushed, and time for a water test.

In closing, some installs are very easy and straight forward, while some can be a pain in the you know where, this is what we do and love.

We hope you enjoyed a snippet of what it may take to get your system installed.

Main Meter
Locate POE line
Trench the lines
System Installed
Completed install