Reverse Osmosis Systems

New Reverse Osmosis Sales and Installs

Whether you are in the market to buy a system from us or from a box store or even our competitors, whatever the case we do it. At Soft Water Techs we sell, maintain, install and replace reverse osmosis systems in both residential and commercial applications in the Central Florida, and some surrounding areas.

What is Reverse Osmosis and How Does it Work?

A reverse osmosis sometimes called a (R.O.) for short is typically a point-of-use (P.O.U.) but, can also be installed as a point of entry (P.O.E.) water purification system that improves both the quality and taste of drinking water in residential and commercial applications.

In most applications for residential a P.O.U. under-sink installation with connection to a bar faucet and/or connected to your refrigerator’s water and ice dispensers, makes it simple to use a R.O. for consumption.

Reverse osmosis removes a wide variety of particles from your water including;

  • Lead
  • arsenic
  • copper
  • nitrates and nitrites (hexavalent & trivalent)
  • chromium
  • selenium
  • fluoride
  • radium
  • barium
  • cyst (cryptosporidium)
  • total dissolved solids (TDS)

If pure water is what you want, a reverse osmosis drinking system is what you need!

R.O Repair

Reverse Osmosis service and maintenance

Soft Water Techs is one of the few companies in Central Florida that will repair ANY BRAND of water softener, water conditioner or reverse osmosis system. Most companies do not take the time to learn very much about other brands, this is what sets us apart. We are technicians, the brand matters less to us; we pride ourselves on fixing the problem, no matters whose problem it is! We offer

  • Filter Changes
  • Water Leaks repairs
  • Low Pressure
  • System Not Working

In addition, for a limited time Get a Service Call for only $59 plus parts.  (New customers only).

Regular price is only $69 plus parts.


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