Water Softener Maintenance

Water Softener Maintenance in Palm Beach

At Soft Water Techs of Palm Beach we do not only sell Hague equipment, but we also offer the maintenance of any water treatment equipment in Palm Beach County, whether it’s our brand or our competitors brands, We service all, from Rainsoft, Culligan, EcoWater, Water Boss, GE, whirlpool, clack or fleck, you name it we service it.

We offer an unmatched maintenance plan, we come up and test your water, bring salt, add chemicals, sanitize the units and more! Our goal is to keep your system running optimally by going thru a 12 point inspection that includes removing the valve to inspect the media inside the tank, right down to rebedding (That’s replacing the media as needed).

We provide soft water maintenance to all residents of Palm Beach Florida, call us today on 1(561) 288-1349 if you have a requirement.

How Often Should You Service Your Water System?

Maintenance is required based on a few things like type of equipment, the conditions of your water, and of course where you get your water from be it the city or well. Our plans range from monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, Semi- annual and annual.

Water Softener Maintenance Cost

The cost to maintain your system can run as low as our $90 service fee, which includes 2 bags of salt and a sani-pack etc.. Costs depend solely on what needs to be done, but our technicians will recommend how often maintenance should be done.

Why Choose Us?

Lets face it, we do not trust anyone to watch our kids, or our pets, and we watch what we put in our mouths, along these seem lines you shouldn’t trust what you drink and run over your body to anyone. We don’t just show up because you pay us, we show up because we care…

Let one of our factory trained techs with a heart come out and make your system perform the way its supposed to.

Got Questions? We’re here to help!