Water Analysis and Site Surveys

Whether you are buying a system from us, a box store or any of our competitors and you’d like some advice about the possibility of a water softener in your home, we come to you. We will advise on suitable softener sites or discuss any aspect of water softening.

There is a cost but, no obligation. Site surveys are arranged to fit in with you and can be daytime, evenings or weekends. Absolutely no commission based salesperson and no pressure: guaranteed.

There´s a lot more involved in a water softener installation than most people realize,  here is how it works one of our very experience and certified Technician will come to your own, find your point of Entry, to determine where the best system placement options are on your property, he/she will look at all possible options, analyze your water, ask the right questions to determine the right size of the desired equipment for your home, give you a full report, armed with this information, you can now go out and purchase this equipment from anywhere.

Key Benefit of Service

A site survey is so important that it can cost double to sort the problem you originally had out. Here are some of the key benefit to getting one of our knowledgeable  professionals to come out and go over everything before and purchases are made.

   Helps determine where your Point of           Entry is located..

✔  Helps determine the best place to                 install.

Size the right equipment for your                  home.

✔ Advice you can trust from a Certified           Technician


  Helps determine the quality of your             water.

✔  Helps decide the right unit you should         purchase.

Ask all of the questions before                     purchasing..

No string, no pressure, just answers.


Order Your Site Survey Today!

We are more than happy to give advice on which solution is most suitable for your needs, Why not ask us to view your property and discuss the various options with you now. Our advice is included!

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